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JOBS / 11.02.2019
PHP Developer

Experience: 4 year
Location: Delhi

JOBS / 22.01.2019
Business Development -head

Experience: 3-5 Years
Location: Delhi

JOBS / 04.01.2019
Website Designer

Experience: 2-3 Years
Location: Delhi

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The internal culture of our company include passion, leadership, respect, collaboration, integrity, quality, and diversity as its foundation. At Citec, we work in coordination with each other towards achieving the ultimate business objectives.

Customers are important to us, and so are our employees. Hence, employees here are taken care of for their wellbeing and needs, and they feel important as part of the organization.

We all work here as a team, with strong and positive relationships being maintained between our members and our customers, as well as between the management and the employees. We have a strong level of understanding regarding the competition existing in the market, and the changing preferences of our customers.

Hence, to meet the growing needs of our clients, we encourage a diverse work culture, where people from parts of the world are most welcome to join our team. Training and development are key factors of our company, which ensure that the diverse workforce is well-settled and coordinated with each other at work.

Major opportunities are offered to all employees so that they can sustain and grow, maintaining their loyalty and commitment for the company.

Hard work and perseverance are constantly encouraged at our workplace, and for all the hard work that our staff and members put in, they are significantly recognized and rewarded for the same. At Citec, we believe in enjoying our work, our internal relationships, and hence also spend quality time besides work through recreational activities such as office tours, parties, and so on, which not only refreshes the minds of the organizational members, but also enhances their level of commitment and performance for the company.

A strong and positive work culture, based on planned goals and objectives are what leads the company towards effectively fulfilling the growing and changing demands of the market.

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